How to buy/sell a domain listed on Google shop

 Description of the procedure for buying / selling domains

How to buy a domain

1) Decide which thematic section of the domains sold on this site belongs to the subject for which you want to buy a domain, go to this section (all these sections are located on the right side of the site), view all the messages in the section (information about the domains submitted for sale is provided in the form of messages in thematic sections for the sale of domains), and if any of the domains suits you, and its price, you need to do the following: 1) write to my email ( tell me which domain you want buy, your name, surname, and the address at which you are registered (these data are needed to indicate the Whois of the domain you are purchasing), as well as indicate your PayPal account from which you will pay for this domain (I accept payments for domains only via PayPal), 2) after I give you permission to pay for this domain in a response message, you will pay for it corresponding to the specified domain price from your PayPal account to my PayPal account (,3) after I receive payment for the domain from you, I will open (based on the personal data you provided) an account for you at the domain name registrar - to this account the domain you buy will be transferred by transfer, 4) within 5 days from the moment you pay for the domain, it will be transferred to an account on, opened by me in your name (the domain registrar of the seller of the domain you buy, like any other the domain registrar transfers the domain either immediately, or a maximum of 5 days after the start of the domain transfer procedure), 5) immediately after transferring the domain you purchased to an account on, opened in your name, I will provide you with a password to access this account, and a password to access the email account (Gmail) to which the account will be linked, in which the domain you purchased will be located - after that the procedure for purchasing the domain will be completed; after you get access to the account on R in which the domain you purchased will be located. You can either leave this domain in this account to manage the domain from it, or transfer this domain to another domain registrar.

How to put up for sale and sell a domain

In the Gugl shop, only exclusive domains are offered for sale - if you want to provide such a domain for sale in the Gugl shop, you need to write to me, its owner, Anatoly Sitnikov, at my email address, specifying the domain, or domains for sale and the subject/themes of the Gugl shop for its/their placement, your price of the domain/domains, as well as the address of your PayPal account, to which I will transfer money after the sale of the domain; from the domains offered to me by their owners, I will select for offer for sale only truly exclusive ones, place them in the relevant Gugl shop thematic headings, adding my 50% commission to the prices of domain sellers (This is my profit in this case). When a buyer is found for the domain and pays for it, I will inform You will be informed about this by e-mail, after which you will need to transfer your sold domain by transfer from your domain registrar's account, in which this domain is located. change to the account opened by me in the name of the domain buyer at the domain registrar - for this you must request a transfer for it from the account where the sold domain is located (after this request, the transfer lock for this domain will be removed), while the system will ask you indicate the company, or the site where the domain is transferred - you need to indicate that the domain is transferred to, after that your domain registrar will send to your email address, to which the account is linked, in which this domain is located, the transfer code for this domain - this code you you will need to inform me that with its help I will complete this transfer, after which this domain will be transferred to the account of its buyer on (Your domain registrar will send an email to your email address that the domain transfer procedure is in progress, and if you do not cancel up to 5 days, this procedure will end with the transfer of the domain to the new owner) the domain registrar of the seller of the domain you buy, like any other registration The domain manager transfers the domain either immediately, or a maximum of 5 days after the start of the domain transfer procedure, immediately after the domain you sold passes to its buyer (maximum five days after receiving the transfer code), I will transfer the amount of money corresponding to the amount specified by you the value of your sold domain from your PayPal account ( to your PayPal account that you informed me - in this way I act as a guarantor of transactions for the sale of domains between their sellers and buyers, coordinating via e-mail both with the seller , and with the buyer of domains, every step of the purchase and sale procedure! So, if you want to buy a domain hosted on the Gugl shop, or put up a domain / domains for sale on the Gugl shop, write about it to my mail WorldKing.Email@Gmail. com. Please visit my personal blog: (The Blog of the Self-proclaimed King of the World), and my Twitter:, Good luck in all your good deeds!

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